5 Tips to improve Facebook reach and performance of your organic facebook posts

5 Tips to improve the reach and performance of your organic facebook posts - without spending any $$
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In this article we explore ways to improve Facebook reach and the performance of your organic Facebook posts.

Organic Facebook reach statistics


According to statistics, the average organic reach on Facebook page posts has been declining over the past few years and it’s currently at about 5.2%. That means that only about 5% of your Facebook page followers would actually see the posts that you’re publishing on their Facebook feed.

This pushes more people to resort to paid Facebook ads to improve the reach of their posts.

So, what can you do to improve the performance of your organic posts, without spending money on Facebook ads?

Here are a few things you can try.


1. Create great content


To reach more people, make sure your posts are interesting, entertaining or deliver value. Don’t post irrelevant things just for the sake of posting something. This is a very common mistake we see with our clients. Pictures of dogs or motivational quotes just don’t work. Stay on topic that relates to your business.


2. Use different post formats


Don’t stick to one format alone. Try different things and spice it up a little bit.


Use a single image one day, create a carousel post on another day and maybe try to mix it up with some video as well. Try to make it interesting for you followers and fans.


3. Use of Graphics Vs Photos


Instead of graphics – use photos.  Instead of stock photos – use real photos (especially the photos that you took yourself). And when selecting which photos to use, choose photos with people’s faces, especially if they’re smiling. Positive images outweigh negative ones and usually those photos tend to  increase the reach and overall perform better.


4. Early adoption of New trends


Try to stay ahead of the curve and be an early adopter of new types of Facebook post that come along. Like, for example, 3D Parallax images that were all the hype a few years ago. It’s always good to be a little bit different than everybody else.


5. Sharing organic posts to fb groups


This tactic is by far the most effective way to improve the performance of your organic posts, and it comes in two steps.

  • Firstly, join as many relevant groups that you can, but use your personal account when you join them.
  • And then, in step number two, share the posts from your Facebook page to these groups that you joined.

But be careful! Only share your post to a maximum of two groups per day. Share to one group in the morning, one chose another group for the afternoon share. Also, try to change your description each time. This sort of posting to groups cannot be automated, so you will have to do it manually each time.

This is very time consuming, but well worth it. That’s why our clients often ask us to help them with their social media.

The first reason why you should only share your post to two groups per day, is because often times people are members of several groups that you just joined. If you share your post to several similar groups at the same time, odds are you’ll be “spamming” their Facebook timeline with the post that you just shared.

The second reason is you want to maximize the exposure and facebook reach by posting at different times in a day.

I hope you like these tips. Try some of them and let us know how it went.