Get a BEAUTIFUL, FAST & EFFECTIVE website for your business

From a simple landing page, to a multilingual eCommerce site.

MARK&TING web design team builds websites that work great, look awesome, are optimized for today’s search engines, and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

“We build Effective Websites that do what they were meant to do.”

An effective website:

  • Loads fast (especially on mobile)
  • Looks great (at least as good as your competitor or better)
  • Is easy to find on google (SEO-Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Is intuitive and logical (UX-User Experience)
  • Converts visitors to customers

“We are rarely hired to build a site that just looks good.”

In most cases our clients want to utilize their website to convince people to buy their products or services or to help promote their businesses in some other way.

You see, we are a marketing agency, not just a web design company. And this brings certain advantages:


Web developer’s job is to build a website. Once they are finished, their job is done, but our job of marketing your business had only just began.


When we build sites for our clients, we build it in a way that will enable us to market your business going forward. We focus primarily on functional websites that are fast, logical and deliver results.


Creating websites is not our end game. For us, a website is a marketing tool to achieve a larger goal: Attract more customers, increase your revenue, and grow your business.

At MARK&TING, we want to understand your needs and goals, so we can deliver meaningful solutions and impact your business in positive way. When running a business, every dollar counts, so we strive to build the best website possible within your budget and timeframe.

3 reasons why MARK&TING is so popular with small businesses

We are very AFFORDABLE

We’ve done some awesome sites for as low as HKD 8,000!

We build FUNCTIONAL and EFFECTIVE websites

That serve their intended purpose

And we deliver sites FASTER than others

Your new site could be live within 2 weeks!!

Once we are done, the site can easily be taken over by your in-house team or a new web developer, and we always include all files, documents, graphics and give full access to our clients at the end of the project. Of course, at no extra charge.

Our websites are fully responsive, which ensures that your website will look and work perfectly on all web-enabled devices including smartphones and tablets, such as iPhones and iPads.

All of our websites are combined with a Content management system (CMS) tailored to your needs, to enable your team to easily manage your site and update content when needed.

So, how do we start?

We guide our clients and advise them how to take full potential of their site to improve their businesses performance while balancing their needs, available budget and their brand values.

We let our clients know about the latest website trends, best practices and common pitfalls and make sure they understand why we propose certain solutions over others.

We always make sure we understand your business goals  before we start designing and developing your web page.

Information & Research

– Collect user requirements
– Establish website’s main objective
– Discuss site map & features

Information & Research

We’ll ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment. Before the project begins, we want to know more about you and your company, your business goals and objectives.

Web Design & Content

– Collect graphics
– Collect content
– Discuss design

Web Design & Content

You provide the collateral that represents your brand online (colors, logos, fonts, graphics). Then you provide the images and content for us to use on the site.

Development & Testing

– Approve/Deny designs
– Revisions
– Test website

Development & Testing

The website will be presented for your review, changes and final approval.

Soft launch & Launch

– Base on the User Acceptance Test (UAT) list, we can check the user flow, functions & features
– Make final corrections and soft launch

Soft launch & Launch

Once your website is live, our work continues too. We’ll monitor your site regularly and keep it running smoothly.


Web Hosting & Maintenance

Apart from building a web site, MARK&TING can also provide you with affordable web hosting & maintenance plan. As business website owner, you deserve quality, reliable, and affordable web hosting services from a professional website hosting service provider with minimal downtime or security breaches.

You will also want to constantly update your site to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. We can help with that.

Here are some of the sites we’ve done recently

(click LIVE VIEW to view the live website) – duh 🙂

Industry: Automotive
Client: PunctureSafe, Hong Kong

Industry: Construction
Client: Togher Group

Industry: Kids, Sports
Client: The Little Gym, Hong Kong

Industry: Construction
Client: MTG Formwork Global

Industry: Education
Client: La Sociedad Hispanica De Hong Kong

Industry: Property, Real Estate
Client: Foster Montesinos Properties

Industry: Investment, Real Estate
Client: Hathway Capital Group

Industry: Accounting
Client: Cornerstone, Hong Kong

Industry: Yacht Manufacture
Client: CL Yachts

Industry: F&B, Catering, Bakery
Client: Sweet Secrets Bakery

Industry: Tennis, E-commerce, Accessories
Client: Ristrap

Industry: IT, Recruitment
Client: TalenX

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new website cost?

The cost of a new website can vary greatly and we base our quotes on the needs of each individual project. Although there are common basic features of every website, some require different components that are unique for your business. We start off by assessing your needs (and budget), and prepare an initial quote based on that assessment. But in most cases, if it’s not part of the complete marketing package, you can expect to pay between 8 -25k HKD for the site alone.

How long will it take to get a new website?

We finish most sites within 3 to 8 weeks, but the project can be done sooner (or later) depending on how much input you can provide during the early stages, your availability with feedback, how soon you can provide the content, etc. It also depends on the functionality of the site. Simple sites can be completed sooner than more complex ones.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

Yes! We love it when our clients take control of their website and learn to manage it on their own. We’ll provide you with a training session to help get you on your way as well as online support via live zoom call if you get stuck.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! We work hard to ensure your website looks great on a variety of devices. These days you can expect more than 50% of your website traffic to come from mobile devices.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

100% Yes! It’s our obligation to you as a customer to make sure your website is visible online. So, for that reason we help you by building the website 100% SEO friendly and we use best practice on web design as recommended by GOOGLE.

Do I have the 100% ownership of the website source code?

Customers will have 100% ownership of the source code. Once the project is completed, the source code will hand over to client right away. There is NO additional fee for client to acquire the source code.

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